Russian retreat mistook for Ukraine assault as soldiers shoot own comrades dead

Russian drone base before being struck by Ukrainian forces

In an embarrassing incident near the Donetsk airport, more than two dozen Russian soldiers were mistakenly shot dead by their fellow comrades who mistook their disorganised retreat for a Ukrainian assault.

Reports suggest that the soldiers’ chaotic retreat and lack of coordination led to the fatal friendly fire incident.

According to Kyiv MP Yuriy Mysiagin, the Russian troops were retreating to new positions in a disordered and almost panicked manner when they were fired upon by their own forces, reports Mail Online.

The Russian soldiers, assuming their comrades were enemy soldiers attempting to reclaim territory, unleashed artillery fire on them. The result was a significant number of casualties and the loss of several pieces of equipment.

Mysiagin said: “The result was 27 dead and 34 wounded.

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“Approximately half of the wounded had their arms or legs blown off.”

His account was corroborated by a Ukrainian colonel in a Facebook post, who attributed the incident to the Russians’ poor coordination.

“For some unknown reason, the enemy artillery began to fire, not near the front line or behind Ukrainian positions in order to suppress our firepower, but on the positions and rear of this unit,” said the colonel, referring to the Russian troops.

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The colonel’s assessment raised questions about the training and preparedness of the Russian forces.

The incident highlights a broader issue within the Russian ranks, where a lack of training and rushed deployment of troops has resulted in repeated instances of friendly fire.

The Russian military authorities have not yet issued an official statement regarding the incident.

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