Remote private island dubbed ‘fisherman’s paradise’ – but comes with a warning

A remote island known as a fisherman’s paradise has just been put up for sale, but it comes with a price.

Nestled in the northern reaches of Queensland’s Gulf of Carpentaria, off the coast of Australia, this five-mile-long and one-mile-wide slice of paradise includes a thriving tourism business and a resort.

Sweers Island boasts two management houses, cabins for visitors, hire boats, two airstrips, a hangar, a bar, an open dining area, and miles of pristine beaches for relaxation.

With temperatures rarely dropping below 24°C, even in the winter, and reaching as high as 35°C in December, it’s a year-round destination.

It operates entirely off-grid, relying on solar and gas-powered services. Waste management is handled by a visiting barge that also supplies goods from the mainland.

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The island’s real estate agent, Richard Vanhoff of Private Island Online, highlighted the incredible fishing opportunities in the area.

Sweers Island is renowned for housing some of the largest coral trout in Australia, making it a dream destination for anglers.

But potential owners should be aware of the local marine life. Sharks have been observed in the waters around the island, along with an occasional crocodile, though the abundant fish population in the area ensures that the sharks are well-fed.

This 30-hectare paradise has been on the market since May last year and has recently seen a price reduction to just over £2 million.

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The owners, Tex and Lyn Battle, have decided to part with the property. The island operates profitably as a business for approximately five months each year, compensating for quieter winter months.

The resort’s future owners will also oversee the management of the entire 1,100-hectare island.

Sweers Island offers a perpetual lease for tourism operators with minimal expenses and no council rates to pay.

But Mr Vanhoff cautioned that investing in a private island can come with hidden costs.

Freehold islands, in particular, may entail council rate expenses despite lacking access to council services.

Many islands are sold as leaseholds, allowing the owner to hold the land for 25 to 75 years, but annual rental costs can still be substantial.

Sweers Island is not the only island available in the market. Nearby Temple Island, situated nearly two miles off Cape Palmerston National Park on the Central Queensland coast, offers 123 acres of land.

It includes a 1,100-metre private airstrip, a four-bedroom residence atop the island’s highest point, a new tractor, off-road buggy, Range Rover, and a quad bike. It’s currently priced at £913,000.

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