Main revelations from ‘Sussex’s mouthpiece’ book, ‘terrified’ Kate to Wills snub

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    A new royal book contains a series of revelations about the Firm which could shake the royals to their core.

    Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival by author Omid Scobie is set to hit shelves tomorrow (Tuesday, November 28). But a number of claims have already made headlines.

    Some of the more outlandish allegations include that Prince William ignored Prince Harry's texts on the day of Queen Elizabeth II's death. The book is also set to claim the Royal Family's future is "in crisis" with senior member Kate Middleton "terrified to do anything more than grinning photo ops."

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    Here are some of the boldest claims and faux-pas so far from Scobie's upcoming book and interviews he's done to promote the new release.

    Prince Harry's plea as Queen died

    In an excerpt of the book published in People Magazine, Scobie recalled the moment Harry raced against the clock to reach the Queen's Scottish residence before she died. "With Her Majesty’s death already confirmed to the prime minister an hour before Harry left, and all other senior family members now gathered in Scotland processing the news, royal press secretaries were ready to share the news with the world," Scobie wrote.

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    A family insider told the author Harry's team "literally had to beg for them to wait for his plane to land" and agreed to hold off publishing the news. But gloomy weather conditions at Aberdeen International Airport meant Harry's landing was delayed and the announcement was made without him, Scobie said.

    Scobie also claimed Harry's travel plans were thwarted when his older brother William ignored his texts. "William, whom Charles had just spoken to, was supposedly working on arranging travel," the author wrote.

    "Harry sent a text message to his brother asking how he and Kate [Middleton] planned to get to Scotland and whether they could travel together. No response."

    'Low bar' for Kate

    It's not just the royal brothers on the receiving end of Scobie's barbed swipes. Kate Middleton also found herself in the firing line after the author described her as "pliable" and said she was often held to a "low bar" compared with other royals.

    Speaking of the future Queen in an interview with the Sunday Times to promote Endgame, he said she is "terrified to do anything more than grinning photo ops."

    "In the coverage of Kate, we infantilise her massively, so the bar is always lower," Scobie told the publication. "The small achievements that we’ve seen from the Princess of Wales wouldn’t, perhaps, be noticed if they were from another member of the family. But with Kate it's like, 'Wow!'"

    Kate's pal has since branded the description "unjust."

    Royal Family in 'crisis'

    Scobie reckons the Firm as we know it is at a crossroads. The author believes a republican movement, led by apathy from the UK's youth, and the death of the Queen have all contributed to put the Royal Family in a precarious position.

    "We are at this pivotal moment in time where the future of the Royal Family as we know it is in a crisis," Scobie told the Sunday Times. "That crisis being a lack of interest from young people, an apathy, a growing republican movement, questions over whether the family still uphold the morals and values of the crown that the Queen did such a great job of."

    The Daily Star has contacted Buckingham Palace for comment.

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