Life on the tiny Portuguese island with the shortest airport runway

Nestled in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Corvo Island offers an off-the-grid haven within the Azores, Portugal.

Its untouched landscapes, unique biodiversity, and cultural tapestry beckon to adventurers seeking an extraordinary escape.

Corvo’s isolation has preserved its rugged allure. Hiking trails reveal panoramic views of cliffs and pastures, while the iconic “Caldeirão” crater stands testament to its volcanic origins.

Endemic flowers paint the island in vibrant hues, while the surrounding waters teem with diverse marine life.

Birdwatchers flock to catch a glimpse of the elusive Azores Bullfinch.

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Charming churches and local architecture speak of Corvo’s history. Its culinary scene marries seafood and produce in dishes like the hearty “Alcatra” stew and the sweet “Bolo Lêvedo” bread.

Corvo’s unhurried pace invites visitors to disconnect and embrace nature and community. Accessible by ferry or a short plane ride, the island’s accommodations seamlessly blend with its rustic charm.

Corvo’s allure extends to its airport, boasting one of the world’s shortest runways. The thrilling landing approach and breathtaking views set the tone for an unforgettable stay.

Speaking to, Elaine Warren from The Family Cruise Companion, said of Corvo: “Let me tell you about Corvo where time stands still and birds orchestrate the winds.

“On a recent family voyage, this tiny Portuguese island enchanted us. Imagine the tiniest inhabited speck, a secret birdwatcher’s paradise.

“Elegant herons, chirpy wheatears—the avian serenade is poetic. We stayed at the Comodoro Guest House, Corvo’s largest hotel, closest to prime birding spots. Book ahead—it often sails at full capacity!”

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She added: “One evening we journeyed to the volcanic crater Caldeirão. As dusk painted the sky, the vista of serene lakes, tiny islets, and quaint bogs was heart-etching. They say it’s best at day’s end.

“Vila Nova do Corvo, the island’s heart, was like a storybook. Windmills whispered tales of yore as the Ecomuseum revealed rich history. A local recommended Casa do Barco Baleeiro—a whaling boat house honouring the ocean bond. The hidden gem? Artesanato do Corvo, where artisans craft iconic berets, intriguing locks, and memories.

“The Pão de Açúcar viewpoint: an unparalleled panorama. We unwound at Praia da Areia. While known for birds, Corvo’s essence also lies in the tales on the wind, the ocean’s whispers, and the memories crafted by hands. But for some, it’s the birds and nature. Different strokes!”

Corvo Island stands as a tranquil oasis amid the chaos, where unspoiled nature meets a leisurely lifestyle. It’s an invitation to relish in its beauty and the warmth of its close-knit community, framed by the unique charm of its tiny airport.

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