Life of sex-mad church teacher on Death Row who took deadly revenge on husband

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    In the US state of Oklahoma, 38 criminals currently sit in prison cells awaiting their dreaded execution dates.

    Only one of these prisoners is a woman, Brenda Andrew, who is facing her 20th year on Death Row.

    With this in mind, we look back at her chilling case to see why the justice system deemed it fit to sentence her to die.

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    On the outside, Brenda enjoyed a simple but happy life – and is one of the last people you would expect to end up behind bars.

    She went on to marry her childhood sweetheart, Rob Andrew, and the pair had two kids together.

    Brenda, born and raised in Oklahoma, was a full-time stay at home mum who also worked church shifts as a Sunday School teacher.

    But at the age of 40, she grew bored of the mundanity of life and began a number of affairs with local blokes.

    Speaking on Sex, Lies and Murder on UK channel Crime+Investigation, crime reporter Shiva Jahanshah said: “For her first affair, Brenda seeks solace with a friend’s husband, Rick.

    “Brenda’s the kind of woman who will have an affair with her friend’s husband, showing complete disregard for her friend and her own marriage.

    “She’s selfish and looking for a good time, and we see her affairs escalate.”

    Brenda reportedly told RIck that she was only staying with her husband because of his money.

    He eventually ditched her before she set her sights on a shop assistant.

    Reporter M William Phelps said: “She goes to the store, she begins smiling at him, showing a little more cleavage, she wears a short skirt and starts to show a little leg and wink at him.

    “One day she walks up to him and hands him a hotel key with a number on it, she gives him a smile and walks away.

    “Next thing you know, she’s banging the grocery guy in the hotel up the street.”

    She got more than just groceries from the shop worker for two years behind her husband’s back.

    But things took an even more sinister turn when she welcomed affair number three.

    This fling was with fellow Sunday School teacher James Pavatt – and all these years later the pair are facing execution.

    That’s because they formed an evil plot to murder Brenda’s husband.

    But as for their early romance, Phelps said: “She ensnares this Bible-toting, Christian-centric, Sunday School-teaching husband into her web of sexual dysfunction and he falls for it.

    “He jumps in hook, line and fishnet stockings.”

    Totally brazen, Brenda made little effort to hide this affair and strolled around town with James.

    This eventually led to Rob starting divorce proceedings against his wife.

    To add to the cruelty, Rob was actually pals with insurance salesman James who once sold him a life insurance policy worth $800,000.

    Concerned about his wife’s behaviour, including when he suspected her of cutting his car brakes, he asked James to remove her as the beneficiary on his life insurance.

    Making up lies, James explained that it wouldn’t be possible.

    And unfortunately for Rob, his life was then tragically cut short in November 2001.

    He arrived at Brenda’s home to pick up their kids for Thanksgiving before his former partner asked him to fix a light in the garage.

    It was there where her lover blasted him with a shotgun before Brenda finished him off with a second shot to the chest.

    Incredibly, James then reportedly shot Brenda in the arm in an attempt to throw cops.

    The sickening pair pretended to be victims of an armed robbery – and the day before Rob’s funeral they fled to Mexico with Brenda’s children.

    The full force of the law finally caught up with them three months later when they were arrested while trying to cross the border back into America.

    James was the first to be found guilty of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder and he is due to be finally sentenced to death next July, although this will be rescheduled.

    Brenda meanwhile was convicted in 2004 of the same charges – despite trying to pin the blame on her Sunday School lover.

    Prosecutors argued that she wanted her husband dead in a plot to bank his life insurance cash.

    And while James is scheduled to take his final breath next year, Brenda, who is now 59, is still waiting for her date of death.

    But this could happen sooner rather than later after a federal appeals court upheld her murder conviction earlier this year.

    She tried to argue that the original 2004 trial focused too much on her sex life, despite it having no relevance, in her opinion.

    But Circuit Judge Gregory Phillips concluded: “It is evident that Ms. Andrew’s trial was not perfect. But it is just as evident that her trial was fundamentally fair, and that is all she was entitled to.”

    Her sex-obsession was a hotly discussed topic in the trial and in the subsequent media coverage – with a saucy book found in her home called 203 Ways To Drive a Man Wild in Bed.

    But whether her thirst for excitement was relevant to the case, the facts are that she, along with her lover, mercilessly murdered her husband.

    And because of that, she will become only the fourth woman to be executed in Oklahoma.

    The previous three women died by lethal injection in 2001.

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