Letters: The ban on pet-store sales in Aurora celebrated

Celebrating ban on pet sales

Re: “Aurora: Retail sales of cats, dogs banned,” Sept. 6 news story

As I read the headline announcing that Aurora had banned the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores, I immediately thought of Elijah McClain, who, until his unconscionable violent death, spent time playing violin for shelter animals so that they wouldn’t feel lonely. I was so touched by his tale that I named my own rescue pup after him. Both my beautiful boy and his angelic human namesake would be heartened by this law, designed to further animal adoption.

Thank you, Aurora!

Karen Dawn, Santa Barbara

Good for Aurora for prohibiting the sale of dogs from puppy mills. With the Denver area’s overpopulation of dogs, that is an environmentally sound decision.

As an extremely allergic person, it is disgusting and dangerous to have restaurant patrons bringing in sniffing, jumping dogs and claim they are service animals. That is unfair to those who need a service animal trained to perform a particular task.

As a member of the 15% of persons with allergies to animals, my places to patronize are becoming increasingly limited. There are no allergy-friendly dogs. Allergens include hair, dander, saliva, urine and feces residue.

Even owning dogs as pets is environmentally harmful, with the amount of meat production that goes into feeding pets. Our land is being saturated with dog urine and dog poop is either left where it lands or a plastic sack is utilized for disposal. It seems many people cannot leave the house without their pet impeding the rights of people with allergies.

Sue Ellison, Golden

“In Brief” stories full of crime

Based on recent columns, maybe you should rename the “In Brief” column on the left side of page 2 as the “Latest Shootings” column.

On Thursday, Sept. 7, all three stories were about shootings, and most days have at least one or two. I suspect that given there are more guns than people in the United States and that some people think that the Second Amendment means it’s OK to use a gun as a means of self-expression, you won’t have any problem keeping it filled up.

Steve Pomerance, Boulder

Every day I’m struck by how many crimes listed in your “In Brief” column are supposedly committed by someone on an active or outstanding warrant. So, if the perp was put in jail for the previous offense, would the reported crime not have happened?

How about The Denver Post doing an in-depth analysis of the percentage of violent and property crime committed in the Denver Metro (not state or nationwide) by repeat offenders on bail? Then compare the results to, say, 2000 or 1980, when the political environment was different than today. The analysis could include a summary of the viewpoints of judges on why they are not jailing these offenders. They might provide insight into the court/justice infrastructure that is in need of repair.

Curt Anderson, Broomfield

The only job he can get

Would you hire Donald Trump? With numerous felony indictments, most of which we have all been witness to, could he get a job where you work? The only position he could possibly wiggle into is president. With charges in many different jurisdictions and many differing crimes, it is very difficult to see how the “deep state” could orchestrate all of these “witch hunts.” A person who couldn’t get a job where I work is certainly not qualified to be the leader of the free world.

Jon Meredith, Denver

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