Israeli great grandma, 84, taken hostage by Hamas in golf cart identified

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    The Israeli grandma who was captured by Hamas terrorists and paraded on a golf cart has been identified as 84-year-old Ditza Heiman.

    The world was shocked when images of members of the terror group openly took elderly residents in Israel hostage hours after their surprise attack on the Jewish nation yesterday (Saturday, October 7). One of those taken was an elderly woman snapped on a golf cart surrounded by three Hamas terrorists on the cart, with two more alongside.

    It is not clear where they were going or what happened to the woman – who looked distressed – but her family have now spoken out in the hope of finding her and shed some light on the horrific moment the elderly woman was captured. They also shared a new image of her holding one of her young great grandchildren.

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    Speaking via Israeli journalist Aviva Klompas, they said: “Our beloved mom, Ditza Heiman, 84 years old, is missing. Terrorists kidnapped her to Gaza from her home in Kibbutz Nir Oz.

    “Her neighbour heard her calling for help, went out, but understood he couldn’t help her since there were many terrorists outside. We haven’t heard from her since yesterday (Saturday) around 10 am, and when we tried to call her, someone from the Hamas answered in Arabic.

    “We are helpless and torn from worry, and no one has contacted us yet to provide information. Please spread this photo, holding one of her great grandchildren – she loves babies so much – for the whole world to see, and maybe someone will be able to help us.”

    The escalation in Israel was sparked by Hamas launching more than 5,000 rockets into Israel in a surprise assault yesterday (Saturday, October 7).

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    The attack by the group designated a terrorist organisation by the UK Government in 2021 was launched on the last day of the Jewish High Holiday of Succot, as well as Shabbat, when the vast majority of the country's population were in synagogues to celebrate the festival. Within minutes, social media was filled with photos and videos of Hamas terrorists taking Israeli residents hostage, brutalising them and murdering them.

    Israel says 600 people have been killed since Hamas launched the attack, while some 370 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli strikes, according to the health ministry in Gaza.

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