Hurricane Nigels child to dump chaos on Britain in hours – new maps

UK weather: Met Office forecasts further heavy rain

Hurricane Nigel’s wrath has already been mapped by the Met Office – but one meteorologist has predicted a fresh wave of chaos for Britain next week. 

The Met Office has placed 16 local authority areas in south western Scotland under a yellow weather warning on Sunday from 4am until midnight.

It warns of ‘danger to life’, flash flooding and potential power cuts – with many places expected to be drenched in 30 to 50mm of rain by the day’s end. 

“Whilst some places, most likely south-west facing hills, could see 80-120mm over the course of 24-36 hours,” the Met Office added.

“It will also become increasingly windy through Sunday, with gusts of 50-60mph on coasts and over high ground. This could exacerbate flooding with leaves being blown from trees to potentially block drains and gullies.”

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But, according to Jim Dale from British Weather Services, these areas – along with western coastlines in Wales, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Somerset, may receive an additional battering from Monday to Wednesday.

This is thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Nigel, which has now downgraded to an ex-tropical storm, hanging around “for a week”. 

Despite the fact it is not of hurricane strength, it has still been bringing torrential downpours to Britain this week, along with thunderstorms across central and southern areas.

And, Mr Dale predicts it won’t give up until at least the middle of next week.

He said: “Ex-tropical storm Nigel could bring out his off-spring which could bring heavy rain to the south-west and Wales. It may or may not materialise, but it could bring significant rain before a settled period.”

But, with the land and sea temperatures still warm from a late-September heatwave, there’s every chance, that, once this storm subsides the UK could be in for some autumnal heat.

Mr Dale added: “We could have significant rain before an Indian summer, once you see the models agreeing with each other then I will be pretty sure we are going to see it.”

Weather maps show a cold plume drifting over northern England, Scotland and even the tip of Northern Ireland this weekend, seeing the mercury dip in the process.

But, this is set to be short-lived, as it soon dissipates with higher pressure trying to dominate. While temperatures may not be struggling so much from Monday – some areas may endure persistent downpours.

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Maps indicate a wall of rain may hit the western parts of the UK by 6am on Tuesday, before the eye of the storm pushes eastwards across Manchester. 

But Wednesday looks to be the worst of them all, with models turning red over south-west England in its entirety, along with much of Wales. This predicts 5mm of rainfall per hour.

The Met Office outlook from Sunday through to Tuesday adds: “Windy on Sunday with rain, locally heavy, especially in the northwest. Risk of coastal gales for some. Less windy on Monday and brighter. Sunshine and showers on Tuesday. Turning warmer.”

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