Holidaymaker tossed and trampled by raging bull after jumping in fighting arena

The moment a tourist was gored and left unconscious by a bull has been caught on camera in gruesome footage.

The French bloke, who is thought to be in his 50s, was taking part in a controversial bullfight last month while he was on holiday in Albacete, Spain.

He was trying to jump onto the animal’s back when the bull got the better of him, and he suffered serious injuries in the resulting attack.

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It all happened during the Lietor patron saint festivities held between August 23 and August 26.

The region is notorious for its links to the blood sport, and it has a bullfighting school and an arena that can seat 12,000 spectators to watch the gruesome “fun”.

Spectators are encouraged to test their bravery against bulls in the traditional “sport” – although many people take a dim view of the whole thing and believe anyone who deliberately goads one of the animals gets what they deserve.

In the footage from Albacete, the French chap is seen approaching the bull from behind when it wheels round and slams him against a barrier with its horns.

As the bloke falls to the ground, the one-tonne bull gores and tramples him before tossing him into the air.

Others try to distract the beast with capes, but it keeps attacking the by-now unconscious man, repeatedly hurling him into the air with his horns.

As he lands face-up on the ground, a gaping wound can be seen on his stomach, and it’s oozing blood.

The onslaught ends only when another man finally manages to attract the bull away with his cape.

Spectators pulled the man to safety before he was rushed to hospital. Unsurprisingly, he was reported to be in a serious condition.

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