Eerie last words of double murderer before he was executed in electric chair

Double murderer Jimmy L Glass delivered his last words with a grin as he shivers down the spine of the witnesses just minutes before his execution.

Glass was on death row for the Christmas killings of a couple they tried to rob after he escaped prison in the 80s.

In 1982, the American high school dropout had been serving a prison sentence at a parish jail in Minden, Louisiana, with fellow inmate Jimmy Wingo.

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But on Christmas Eve, the pair managed to escape and decided to commit an act of burglary in the home of Newton Brown, 55, and his wife Erline, 51, in Dixie Inn.

As per the The Mirror, during the robbery, they took aim and killed the couple in a cold-blooded murder.

In an utterly tragic turn of events, their children awoke on Christmas morning to discover the lifeless bodies of their parents.

Consequently, once caught, both Glass and Wingo were sentenced to death.

Almost five years after his heinous crime, Glass was given the eclectic chair on June 12 in 1987, making him the 78th person executed in the US since 1977.

Bizarrely, the 25-year-old grinned as he was strapped into the electric chair.

When asked what his last words were, he responded: "I think I'd rather be fishing."

As per Corrections Commissioner, C. Hall Phelps, Glass' official time of death was 12:14am.

In the years prior to being put to death, Glass hit the headlines as a petitioner in the Supreme Court, making a case that executions via electrocution were in violation of the United States Constitution's Eight and Fourteenth Amendments, branding them "cruel and unusual punishments."

But to his fury, the court ruled against him, voting 5-4 in favour of the method.

His partner in crime, Wingo, claimed he did not commit the murders. Regardless, he was executed four days after his friend on June 16, 1987.

His final words were: "I am an innocent man. You are murdering me this day. I do still love you all in Christ. God bless you all."

Hilton Butler, warden of the penitentiary, said that he had been coping with the prospect of death in a cool and calm manner, saying: "He says he still has hopes the Governor may do something, but he said he's ready if he doesn't. He's in real good spirits.''

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