‘Desperate’ pub puts ad asking for ‘alcoholics and people with criminal records’

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    A boozer struggling to find staff has turned to recruiting “alcoholics and people with a criminal record”.

    The rural pub in Tasmania posted the satirical job listing on their Facebook page. And the Weldborough Hotel has been inundated with applicants ever since.

    Bosses were hoping to employ kitchen and front-of-house staff, stating it doesn’t matter if the hopeful employee is an ex-criminal, has a drug habit or has an alcohol problem. It added that the hotel is “desperate” enough to take anyone, especially for the Christmas season.

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    The listing read: “We are looking for high achievers who have proven experience in a high-pressure environment, ideally with references from Gordon Ramsay or Heston Bloomenthal [sic]. Actually, who are we kidding?

    “We are desperate for staff. Police record? Who cares. Drug habit? Join the club. Alcoholic? Don’t get me started.

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    “If I can’t find anyone before Xmas, I won’t have a business after Xmas.”

    The post has since been deleted but according to the Guardian it was shared around 1,500 times and had hundreds of comments. Including one which dubbed it the “best job ad ever”.

    The publication claimed that in days the hotel had made five job offers since posting – so their unusual tactics worked. Now they said the pub would be remaining open after Christmas.

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    “It has been, frankly, humbling to see how quickly people were prepared to reach out and offer help. There are some very good people in this world,” the hotel said in a post. “To the people who told me the post was unprofessional and a bad look, I will take that feedback and raise you the 5 new staff.

    “Better yet: come to the pub and experience the service and the food and then call us unprofessional. To the people who have sent resumes and made phone calls, we can’t thank you enough for your interest. Given that you were prepared to reach out to us, we will do what we can to forward good people on to other venues in the area.”

    Located near the world-famous Blue Tier and Blue Derby mountain bike trails, the heritage-listed hotel services a town of 22 people.

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