Crimea rocked by huge explosions as Ukraine launches missile strike on Russia

Ukraine strikes Crimean naval port of Sevastopol

Russia’s prized naval fleet in occupied Crimea has been rocked by a salvo of Ukrainian cruise missiles and drones, with two military ships damaged as a result and at least 24 people injured.

The Sevastopol shipyard was hit just before 1.30am on Wednesday morning (September 13) and video showed the moment one part of the area exploded multiple times.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence claimed that Ukraine fired 10 cruise missiles, seven of which were downed, as well as three uncrewed boats “at a detachment of Black Sea Fleet ships on a sea crossing”. Uncharacteristically, they admitted that two ships were “damaged” in the strikes.

Russia-backed governor of Crimea Mikhail Razvozhaev posted a photo of the aftermath of the explosion, adding that “a total of 24 people were injured, four in moderate condition”.

Russian online site BAZA later claimed that two people had been killed by the attack, though they admitted the official death toll had not been revised by the authorities.


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Footage of the strikes showed explosions ringing out in the southern bay area of the port, which is used to repair ships.

Mr Razvozhaev said the attacks had been away from civilian areas and all injured personnel were employees of the port.

One image showed a fire ripping through the affected area as emergency services struggled to extinguish the flames. In one video, the quickening thud of missiles can be heard hitting the ground.

The Moscow-backed governor urged people to “remain calm” and assured the population that there was “no danger to civilian objects in the city”. In doing so, he inadvertently highlighted the differences between Ukrainian and Russian missile strikes: only the former does not target civilians.


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