Covid sufferer raising funds to end life in Switzerland after years of torture

A sufferer of long Covid is raising money to end their life in Switzerland after going through two years of "torture".

Kelly Louise Smith-May has suffered from a long-running bout of Coronavirus since she first caught it back in December 2021. Since then she has had to quit her job due to the horror effects of long Covid.

Doctors say she had suffered from the virus as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, which has left the 39-year-old wishing to end her life at a medical centre in Switzerland. A GoFundMe has since been established by her friends and family.

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Loved ones of Kelly are asking for donations to be made on a fundraising drive which, if it hits its £10,000 goal, would see the long Covid sufferer sent off to die at an assisted living facility.

Stuart May, Kelly's husband, says he was left with "no choice" but to step up when she had to quit her job to deal with her double diagnosis. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: "I had no choice but to give up work and step in and do absolutely everything.

"People say we’ve got a lovely home but that’s all the stuff we had when Kelly was fit and well. Kelly was very house proud, she wanted the best for her children like any mum.

"But for more than 18 months she’s been bed-bound – I wash her hair once a month and I have to turn her over. She’s in so much pain. Assisted dying is the easy option for Kelly now because she’s given up on all hope.

"Her friend went and did it and is out of pain and suffering, that’s what she wants. So the option is to go there and end it peacefully. There’s no talk of Kelly wanting to do it herself."

Stuart has since defended his wife's wish as it is her "wish" to die with "some sort of dignity". The couple say they have not looked into the legal ramifications of a trip to Switzerland.

The trip would involve Kelly leaving the country to end her life in Switzerland, a move which could land those who helped her locked up behind bars for up to 14 years.

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