Couple moved into man’s home and tried to sell it on Zoopla without permission

A couple have been jailed after they moved into a vulnerable man's home and tried to sell it on Zoopla without his knowledge.

Somaia Bahumaid, 35 and her boyfriend Mugamet Hoxha, 34 moved into the property without his permission.

They then listed his home for sale on the property website, hoping to pocket the £220,000 profit from the sale.

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A court heard that the pair would impersonate the homeowner on phone calls and email exchanges – and even forced him to sign a will leaving the house to them.

They were accused of “taking over the man's life”, gaining access to his bank account, post, documents, and utilities.

The court heard how Bahumaid first met the victim in Cardiff in 2020, as he made his way to the shops and exchanged phone numbers.

Without permission, she moved into his home in Pontprennau, Wales and began occupying one of the bedrooms, as reported by Wales Online.

Shortly after she moved her boyfriend Hoxha into the property and together they exploited the man further.

In 2022, the pair contacted an estate agent after Hoxha impersonated the homeowner on the phone and email. They then uploaded the property to Zoopla.

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Bahumaid also produced a handwritten note having forced the victim to sign it, which she claimed gave her rights to the house if he died.

Sentencing, Recorder Andrew Hammond said: "This was clearly a dishonest scheme to sell the victim's house from under him in which you were full and willing participants…

“So prepared you were to sell a vulnerable man's home from under him, leading him to obvious and serious emotional harm that would follow.

“Whether there was a realistic prospect of your efforts to sell the house succeeding, you were both prepared to let this happen."

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Suspicions were raised after a concerned neighbour noticed a "For Sale" outside the property and the police were contacted.

Bahumaid, of Glyn Collen, Pentwyn, and Hoxha, of Brompton Road, Leeds, were arrested and initially denied a count of fraud by false representation, but they changed their plea to guilty during the trial.

Bahumaid wept on the video link from HMP Eastwood Park as she was sentenced to five years imprisonment, and Hoxha was sentenced to five years and four months imprisonment. The sentence was reduced by 3% by Recorder Hammond, on account of the defendants' late guilty plea.

The victim was said to be particularly vulnerable as he suffers physical, mental and learning difficulties and struggles with communication.

The victim was also described as "helpless, confused and worried" as events unfolded. He was commended by Recorder Hammond for his patience in giving evidence at trial.

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Following the hearing, Detective Constable Adam Segarty from South Wales Police said: “Neither Bahumaid nor Hoxha have shown any remorse for their actions. The victim had clear vulnerabilities which they took advantage of for their own benefit.

“I am really pleased for the victim who was initially nervous to reach out for our help. Members of the local Neighbourhood Policing Team were instrumental in supporting him to attend the police station away from the suspects and disclose what had been happening.

“We hope today’s sentence reassures him that justice has been served. South Wales Police is committed to protecting the most vulnerable in our communities and if anyone has concerns, we urge them to contact us in confidence.”

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