Cleopatra reimagined as history buffs praise ‘better than Netflix’ pic

Famed Queen of ancient Egypt Cleopatra VII has had her likeness adapted to the modern world, with images receiving a wave of praise.

History buffs were stunned to see the newfound life which brought the Egyptian Queen into the modern era, with some claiming it looked even "better than Netflix". The streaming platform had released a series on Cleopatra earlier this year.

Some were left less-than delighted by the series and are now praising the newly rendered images of Cleopatra in the modern era. One wrote of how "beautiful" the Queen looked.

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Others praised the "excellent research" into Cleopatra, which saw commenters on a YouTube video depicting a before and after shot claim it was far more accurate than Netflix's historic offering. The mini-series, which released in April this year, sits at just 18% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Viewer scores are even lower for the Adele James-starring show, with just 3% of Rotten Tomatoes audience users saying they liked the show. Rendering the Queen in the modern era though, Royalty Now Studios presented a likeness for Cleopatra in today's age.

Despite an as-yet completed lineage referring to Cleopatra's grandmother, a likeness was drawn which saw a dark-haired woman presented as the modern alternate. Working off the "assumption" of her Greek and Middle Eastern heritage, the historic evidence of Cleopatra's looks were used as accurately as possible.

Some bits and pieces are missing, the aforementioned grandmother though some controversy over the colour of her eyes still remains. Even then, history buffs were delighted with how well the Cleopatra model looked compared to other adaptations.

One wrote: "Finding this after the Netflix issue is so fascinating and I just love the reasoning behind every decision you took when making this. As an Egyptian I thank you for respecting history."

Another added: "This is 100× more accurate, informative and enjoyable than Netflix series," while a third wrote: "Wow, there's more historical facts and more to learn about the real Cleopatra in this 9 minute video then the whole series on Netflix."

But others were left with "chills" when they saw the likeness posted toward the end of the video. They said the "brilliant mind" had stunned them, while another comment praised the "accurate description" which was "exactly how I imagined her to be."

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