Chilling six words etched in girl’s memory by terrorist who ‘gave her chocolate’

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    A young British survivor of a shopping-centre massacre has told her remarkable story for the first time – and revealed that one of the killers gave her some chocolate in the middle of the bloodshed.

    A number of kids were among the 67 people killed by masked gunmen in Kenya during the 2013 massacre, thought to have been masterminded by evil terrorist “White Widow” Samantha Lewthwaite.

    Families were forced to cower on the ground in sheer terror as the gunmen walked around the mall, picking out their victims one by one.

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    Amelie Prior, who was six at the time, and her four-year-old brother Elliott escaped unharmed after their mum, Amber, hid them behind a meat counter and used her own body to shield them from the bullets, reports the Mirror.

    Amber was hailed a hero for helping them and two others escape despite being shot in the left thigh.

    A decade later, Amelie, who is now 16 and attends a boarding school in the UK, and Amber have recounted their chilling conversation with one of the gunmen – and told how Elliott even asked the killer to swap his Mars bar for some chewing gum.

    The girl remembers her mum getting up and talking with one of the terrorists who chillingly replied: "Any children still alive can leave."

    Amelie said: “I didn’t even realise my mum had been shot at the time. I remember when we got up there was blood on the floor and we had blood on our clothes and our shoes.

    “My mum asked the terrorist if she could take two other children with her. Then she got a trolley to help carry an injured little boy out. While she was getting the trolley my brother and I started talking to the terrorist.

    “I asked him why he was doing this and he told me it was because the Kenyan army had come to his village and killed all their wives and children, so they wanted revenge.

    “He then apologised to us, saying we weren’t the ones who killed his wife and children. Then he gave us chocolate bars – I think it was a Mars bar and a Snickers.”

    Amber recalled: “Amelie told me that she and her brother Elliott told the terrorist he was a ‘bad man’. When the terrorist offered them chocolate bars, Elliott said, ‘I don’t want a Mars bar, I want chewing gum’, but Amelie told him, ‘No, take the Mars bar’.”

    The gunman and his three accomplices were found dead following the attack and 80-hour siege at Westgate Mall in Nairobi.

    They belonged to Islamist group Al-Shabaab, and ­Lewthwaite – who remains one of the world’s most wanted ­terrorists – is thought to have been behind it.

    Born in Northern Ireland and now 39, the Muslim convert picked up her gruesome nickname because her first two Jihadi husbands – including

    London bomber Germaine Lindsay – had been killed. She’s thought to be in Africa training her four kids to be terrorists.

    Amber, a French film producer, still lives in Kenya with her British husband, Dan.

    She now has another daughter, Sophia, five, even though Amber was told she wouldn’t be able to have any more children because of her wound.

    Amelie went back to Westgate for the first time this year, and she said her attitude to the attack had changed.

    She said: “As I got older, I realised there are a lot of people who lost their loved ones and I was lucky enough to keep my mum. Now I feel lucky.”

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