Brutal dog attack sees canine clamp down on bloke where no man wants to be bit

A man out walking his dogs fell victim to a horrific attack from another dog in Liverpool this week.

The unnamed victim had been walking in Doric Park, Old Swan, when he was set upon by another dog that was also out being walked by its owner.

The Liverpool Echo reports that the incident occurred at around 7:10pm on Wednesday, September 6 and saw the man bit in the groin.

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Reports claim he was subsequently rushed to hospital and his condition remains unknown at the time of writing.

Merseyside Police have confirmed to the outlet that the incident did take place but noted that they are still investigating the circumstances under which the attack occurred.

A spokesperson for Merseyside police said: "I can confirm that just after 7:10pm on Wednesday 6 September we received a report that a man who was walking with dogs at Doric Park on Acanthus Road was attacked by another dog who was with its owner. The man sustained an injury to his groin and was taken to hospital for treatment."

The attack is far from an isolated incident with a number of dog bites occurring in the UK in recent months.

Experts previously told the Daily Starwhy it is they believe that the attacks are becoming more common.

Robert Bays, canine behaviourist and training manager at Battersea Dogs Home, said: “Since Covid we are confident that we have seen a rise in first-time dog ownership in the UK.

"We know from research that 77% of dogs that were purchased in Covid were puppies which suggests that there's a huge rise in breeding.

“Dog breeding was such a lucrative market in the pandemic but that did lead to huge amounts of unlicensed or unregulated breeding with puppies being born in not necessarily the most suitable environments.

“That obviously then affects their early socialisation and their early experiences which can have an impact on them later in life,” Mr Bays added.

“Like with people if you were to experience a traumatic event when you're a child or humans experience something stressful in life, it might affect how you perceive the situation in the future."

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