Astrid Wett handles giant python and tarantula as she shows ‘what’s in her box’

Astrid Wett has shown off what's in her "box" – including a giant python, a tarantula and cockroaches.

The influencer, 23, took to YouTube with Twitch star Mia Mon yesterday (Thursday, August 24) where the pair took it in turns to stick their hands into a box blind and guess its contents.

The challenge started off innocently, with Mia fondling a plate of trifle, but things started to take a more X-rated turn when Astrid found herself sticking her fingers into a bowl of lube.

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But the fun and games started to take a more disconcerting turn when the pair were blindfolded and live animals were brought out.

Astrid, who said she'd never come face to face with a snake before, had a large python wrapped around her shoulders – and it wasn't too long before she figured out what creepy critter she was handling.

"It's huge! Why is it so heavy?" she exclaimed as the creature was placed over her neck and along her arms.

"That's obviously another snake but why did I get the big one?" she added, with Mia having been tasked with identifying a much smaller reptile earlier in the episode.

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Asked what the python eats, an animal expert informed Astrid its diet consisted of "Rabbits, chickens, rats" and "OnlyFans girls" in what no doubt came as worrying news to the racy star.

Poor Mia was then presented with a rather large cockroach, while Astrid was handed a millipede.

And the stakes were upped yet again when TikTok legend Mia was handed a tarantula.

In a segment filmed before the episode started, the brunette beauty could be heard saying: "I know she's got spiders. She's telling me that she doesn't but I know that there are spiders here."

Asked what her least favourite animal was, Mia responded: "Spiders!"

It didn't take long for Mia to guess what the eight-legged creepy crawly was, and she was less than pleased about it.

"I don't want to move," she said as the spider sat in her hands.

Finally, Astrid came face-to-face with a rhinoceros iguana, a large four-legged reptile which gets its name from the horn on its head.

As she took off her blindfold and came face-to-face with the creature, she said: "Oh my god it's a dragon!

"I like this one, this is probably one of my favourites."

Fans were quick to praise the pair for handling the animals so well.

"I can't believe how well you both handled all of those animals! Zero fear," one wrote, while another chimed in: "I really loved each reaction you had.. you were brave with those reptiles."

"Used to those snakes huh?" another joked, followed by a cry-laughing emoji.

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