Well-travelled baby has visited 23 countries and he’s not even one year old

Atlas Montgomery, aged 11 months, has racked up more Air Miles than most of us can only dream of. He’s already been to 23

countries with his parents, Becs Lewis, 29 and Will Montgomery, 31.

Perhaps his name, Atlas, was intentional as he’s certainly been on the road more than he’s been at ‘home’ in the United Kingdom.

The family hit the road in a camper van when Atlas was just six weeks old. Most parents stay at home with a newborn, getting to

grips with parenthood. Becs and Wills decided to make the most of their maternity leave and see the world.

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They’ve documented it on their Instagram page (@boredbabyabroad) so they can show it to Atlas when he’s older.

“It has been amazing – you can see every bit of his growth. It’s great being able to travel just the three of us”, Lewis told

South West News. Their family were a little nervous about their adventure. Bec said, “Mad was a word that came up a lot. We

were pretty lucky that our families supported us, but they were skeptical”. What’s been memorable and monumentous, is that

Atlas has reached many milestones such as crawling in Switzerland, getting his first tooth in Norway and started on solids in

France while travelling.

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They started their world adventure in New Zealand when they visited Will’s relatives and where Atlas was born.

While on a trip back to the UK to see Becs’ parents, they decided to buy a camper van for around £11,000.

It’s spacious enough for all of them and it even has a bathroom with a shower, plenty of storage and two seating areas.

Their budget is very tight and their average spending was around £3 per day on food. That means they eat one meal out in a

restaurant per destination. Italy, however, was a different story where they loved the food. Despite it being a very random thing

to do with a newborn, the couple has realised how important doing things for the family is. “We weren’t doing anything to prove

a point, but we feel proud to show it is possible”, Becs said. They also loved the French Alps and Luxembourg. “Luxembourg

was a surprise as we weren’t meant to go there but as we were driving through, we thought we would stop and spend a week

there”, said Becs. “We loved Italy because of its culture and all the history, and the French Alps were incredible”.

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