U.S. Tour Operators Association drafts sustainability policy

The U.S. Tour Operators Association has introduced a sustainability policy designed to enhance member efforts to begin or continue their sustainability practices.ย 

The USTOA Sustainability Policy outlines three pillars that define sustainability and details goals that balance economic growth, environmental care and social wellbeing.ย 

The policy was drafted after months of work by the organization’s Sustainability Committee, led by USTOA’s global social impact manager Molly Laycob.ย 

Accompanying the policy is the USTOA Responsible Travel Promise, a document that USTOA members can sign to support USTOA’s efforts. It is designed to motivate action to build sustainability plans that share USTOA’s ambition.

In addition to the USTOA’s new policy and pledge letter, the company is gearing up to host its third annual Sustainability Is Responsibility Summit in Singapore in 2024.

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