Lads in 35 UK cities can now get paid to go on a wild night out

Brits who love a night out could be paid £100 plus expenses to go out and party in their local area. All you need to do to land the gig is agree to give feedback about the area to a company specialising in stag dos.

One of the UK’s leading stag do companies,, is willing to pay you £100 (plus expenses) to have a night out in exchange for a short report on what’s hot and what’s not for stags in your local area. Anyone can apply for the fun gig so long as they live in one of 35 areas in the UK (You can see the full list below). Successful applicants will need to try the top stag-friendly venues and vlog the experience on camera.

You’ll also have to take photos and fill in a report afterwards (once the hangover has faded of course). You can apply for one of the roles on their website where you will need to fill out some basic info about yourself, including which destination you’re based in.

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The opportunity means you’ll get a free night out and some extra cash for the effort. The job spec states that you’ll need to get images of the city, fill in the report, vlog your night out and try the best bars and clubs in the area. Those who apply will apparently need to demonstrate "a love for partying" and "confidence in front of the camera".

In terms of the expenses you can claim, Stag Web will "get you entry into bars/clubs" and cover expenses of up to £50. While they want you to have a great time, the company also pushes for their night out testers to drink responsibly. Asked whether you can get boozy, Jon Stainer, Creative Director for StagWeb said: "Absolutely! We want the full night out experience but, as with all our groups, we recommend they drink responsibly. Don’t forget, they’ve got some vlogging to do and we’ll need the footage to be usable!"

Jon added: "Whilst we visit all of our destinations ourselves, you can’t beat the insider knowledge of someone living there. That’s why we’re looking for someone in each of the thirty-five UK destinations we offer to head out on a scouting mission for us and collect some stag do intel.

"We’ll send them to a few of the venues we offer, but we’ll want them to scope out some new joints and let us know the best party hotspots for stags in that destination. We want someone who’s outgoing and confident in front of the camera to vlog their experience, so we can refine our options and give our groups the best advice possible."

The 35 UK destinations they're after are:

  1. Bath
  2. Belfast
  3. Birmingham
  4. Blackpool
  5. Bournemouth
  6. Brighton
  7. Bristol
  8. Cambridge
  9. Cardiff
  10. Cheltenham
  11. Chester
  12. Edinburgh
  13. Essex
  14. Exeter
  15. Glasgow
  16. Harrogate
  17. Leeds
  18. Liverpool
  19. London
  20. Maidstone
  21. Manchester
  22. Newcastle
  23. Newquay
  24. Norwich
  25. Nottingham
  26. Oxford
  27. Plymouth
  28. Portsmouth
  29. Reading
  30. Sheffield
  31. Southampton
  32. Swansea
  33. Torquay
  34. Woolacombe
  35. York

To apply, all you need to do is head to the StagWeb website, tell them the destination you're looking to test out and why you think you'll be perfect for the local nightlife tester role. It's not the first time the stag do company has shelled out to send people on a night out either.

Earlier this year, StagWeb offered £35,0000 a year to one lucky person who was willing to party at Europe's biggest nightlife hotspots. They offered all the flights and hotels needed to travel around the continent too.

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