Full list of the world’s modern wonders – and two are in the UK

The much coveted list of modern wonders of the world has been revealed and two of them are in the UK. National Geographic undertook extensive research to tie in with their thrilling six-part series, Building Impossible.

The program explores the ground-breaking projects that are under construction. Host Daniel Ashville, who has a construction empire said: “There are incredible feats of engineering sprinkled across the globe and it seems inbuilt in humanity to never stop evolving and developing such creations.

“The research is a celebration of those incredible creations and the wonder they can bring to those who are lucky enough to witness them with their own eyes”.

The survey explored the uniqueness of each project, the innovation involved, and the elements that result it in being a modern wonder.

Sixty-two percent of respondents found it “mind-bending” thinking about some of the modern structures and how they were built.

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London’s Shard, which is clearly visible over central London, also got a mention due to its distinctive glass facade.

Stonehenge, along with the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre in Paris were the most visited locations followed by the Colosseum in Rome, The Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Rome.

Building Impossible with Daniel Ashville will take viewers through the process of the building of these remarkable buildings as well as the ‘Icon of the Seas’, the largest cruise ship in the world, to the Brenner Tunnel underneath the Alps.

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Top 20 Modern Wonders as voted by Britons

1. Great Wall of China: Modern sections and restoration efforts make it a symbol of engineering and history.

2. International Space Station (ISS): A collaborative marvel of space technology and international cooperation.

3. The Internet: Often considered one of the most transformative and technological innovations in human history.

4. Panama Canal: An impressive feat of engineering connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

5. Golden Gate Bridge: Suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate Strait in California, USA.

6. Channel Tunnel: The undersea tunnel connecting the UK and France.

7. Hubble Space Telescope: Transformative telescope providing images of the universe.

8. Burj Khalifa: The world’s tallest skyscraper, located in Dubai, UAE.

9. Hoover Dam: A monumental dam on the border of Nevada and Arizona, USA.

10. CERN Large Hadron Collider: A particle accelerator complex on the Swiss-French border.

11. Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia: A cultural landmark and ongoing construction project, known for its intricate and unique architectural design, the largest unfinished Catholic church in the world.

12. Hanging Gardens of Singapore: The innovative vertical gardens at the Gardens by the Bay.

13. The Shard: A modern skyscraper in London, UK, featuring a distinctive glass façade.

14. Shanghai Maglev Train: The world’s fastest commercial train, using magnetic levitation technology.

15. One World Trade Center: Rebuilt after 9/11, it’s a symbol of resilience and remembrance.

16. The Palm Jumeirah: An artificial island in Dubai, shaped like a palm tree, with luxury resorts and residences.

17. Solar Impulse: The solar-powered aircraft that completed a round-the-world flight.

18. Three Gorges Dam: The largest hydroelectric dam in the world, situated in China.

19.  Antarctic Research Stations: Modern scientific outposts like the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

20. Dubai’s Artificial Islands: Including The World and The Universe Archipelagos.

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