Starmer humiliated as Richard Tice and Reform UK thank him for campaign video

Reform UK mock Keir Starmer’s speech

Sir Keir Starmer has accidentally handed Reform UK – the successor to the Brexit Party – a campaign video.

Despite being anti-Brexit and spending years attempting to reverse the EU referendum result, the Labour leader delighted Richard Tice and other members of Reform UK with his keynote conference speech.

Within minutes of the speech in Liverpool concluding this afternoon Reform UK’s social media team was busy clipping it and posting it out.

The big moment for them came when Starmer told Labour delegates: “I know some people don’t like the word Reform, but I tell you now there’s no other option.”

The clip was posted with a Reform UK badge at the end and a line noting: “Even Keir agrees…join us now.”

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Reform UK held its one-day conference in London last Saturday but Mr Tice was delighted to get the accidental endorsement from a political opponent.

He told “Delighted that Keir has recognised there is no other option than Reform.

“Perhaps the Tories should stand down so Keir and I can go head to head.โ€

The speech in Liverpool was the last one at a Labour Party conference before the general election and was greeted with rapturous applause in the main hall by Labour activists who expect their party to win power.

However, it got off to a difficult start for Sir Keir when a leftwing campaigner burst on to the stage and covered him with glitter before being dragged away.

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Sir Keir laid out a number of policies and made it clear that he hopes to be Prime Minister for at least two full terms promising a decade’s worth of reforms.

He suggested he would pay for more to the NGHS by ending non-dom tax status for the wealthiest and plans to “bulldoze through” planning laws to build new homes.

Sir Keir attacked the current government and joked that he now understood why Conservative members voted for Liz Truss instead of Rishi Sunak.

Currently his party holds a 19-point lead in the tracker poll and are on course for a majority of more than 200.

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