Sadiq Khan facing growing ULEZ rebellion as ‘cameras vandalised’ in new area

Sadiq Khan addresses 'conspiracy theories' linked to ULEZ

Almost nine in 10 cameras put up to enforce the ULEZ expansion have been stolen or damaged in south east London, according to analysis of crowd-sourced data.

The “ULEZ camera locations” Facebook group has more than 7,500 members who report where enforcement cameras are being installed by Transport for London (TfL) and their status, which is uploaded to a map.

Analysis by The Times suggests that 156 of the 185 cameras erected in one 56-square mile area south of Sydenham and Sidcup have been vandalised or taken.

Some 18 of 22 cameras in Bromley have been damaged or stolen, while all but one are out of action on the A225, according to the analysis.

Nick Arlett, from the Action Against ULEZ Extension group, predicted that vandalism will be on the rise as the expansion comes into force.

READ MORE: Sadiq Khan faces ULEZ revolt as hundreds of cameras stolen or vandalised

He said: “Now it’s getting closer, people are getting more militant. I don’t condone vandalism, but it will escalate.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has faced a growing rebellion over the ULEZ expansion.

The zone will cover the whole of the capital from next week, meaning more drivers will have to pay the £12.50 daily fee for the most polluting vehicles.

Some 2,750 cameras are being installed in new areas the ULEZ is being widened to, but TfL will not share the locations. Last week, the Met Police said it had recorded 288 crimes relating to ULEZ cameras between April and August.

TfL said: “We urge vandals to reconsider. Cables have been left exposed so anyone carrying out repairs would be killed or injured. This is dangerous.”

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A spokesperson for the London Mayor said: “The Mayor has been clear that the decision to expand the ULEZ London-wide was not an easy one, but necessary to tackle toxic air pollution.

“Updated World Health Organization guidelines were issued in September 2021, recommending lower thresholds for the main air pollutants to reflect the growing weight of evidence of the health risks of exposure to pollution.

“The UK Government also updated its targets in recognition of the urgency of this challenge.

“Evidence is consistently published highlighting further terrible impacts of exposure to air pollution. The Mayor recognises we always need to evolve and adapt our policies to make sure we address the current challenges.

“Air pollution is not, and never was, just a central London problem. Around 4,000 Londoners die prematurely each year due to toxic air pollution, children are growing up with stunted lungs and thousands of people in our city are developing life-changing illnesses, such as cancer, lung disease, dementia and asthma.

“Outer London deserves to see the same benefits from the Ulez as inner London and by expanding the zone, five million more Londoners will be able to breathe cleaner air.

“Nine out of 10 cars seen driving in the expanded zone won’t have to pay a penny and all Londoners with a non-compliant car are now eligible for thousands of pounds of help.”

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