Huge support for vandalising hated ULEZ cameras with cement or bags

Sadiq Khan discusses ULEZ concerns

Londoners have backed activists wreaking havoc on Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ cameras, by destroying and blocking them as they track cars.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith was reported as saying he supports ‘blade runner’ ULEZ vandals, and was “happy” for residents of his Chingford constituency to have destroyed cameras because Sadiq Khan has ‘lied to’ them.

The Mail reported his comments: “A lot of people in my constituency have been cementing up the cameras or putting plastic bags over them”.

“I am happy for them to do it because they are facing an imposition that no-one wants and they have been lied to about it.

“The actions you are seeing show how angry people are at what is being imposed on them. Sadiq Khan has gerrymandered all the information – people have had enough.”

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Despite disowning the comments later on, and saying he had been misquoted by the Mail, a new poll out today shows broad support for Mr Duncan Smith’s comments.

When asked by Redfield amd Wilton Strategies if they backed his comments, 49 percent of Londoners said they either agreed or strongly agreed.

Just 23 percent said they either disagreed or strongly disagreed.

The same amount – 23 percent – said they neither agreed nor disagreed with the former Tory leader’s comments.

The same poll made waves this morning when it showed Mr Khan clinging on for his political survival.

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The Tory candidate for London mayor is now just one percentage point behind the Labour incumbent, and overtakes Mr Khan by a large margin if Jeremy Corbyn stood as an independent candidate.

The poll also dived into how Londoners feel on specific policy areas, showing very disparate views on ULEZ and transport.

Of those questioned, 41 percent say they are satisfied with Mr Khan’s policies on the environment and Transport, however 59 percent agree there is “a war against motorists going on”.

Londoners are completely split over whether they support the ULEZ expansion, with just a one point net support registering in favour of it applying to outer London.

Just a third of voters support ULEZ being expanded to include outer London, with 56 percent of voters either supporting it being kept within previous boundaries or scrapping it entirely.

A majority of voters say the ULEZ introduction has made “no difference” to the level of the air pollution or air quality in the capital.

39 percent of voters believe the real purpose of the ULEZ expansion is to collect tax revenue, rather than reduce air pollution. has contacted TfL for comment.

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