Faith Winter, Colorado Senate leader, is hospitalized after bike crash

State Sen. Faith Winter, the Colorado Democrats’ third-ranking Senate leader, is recovering after a Tuesday bike crash required her to undergo surgery.

A statement posted to Winter’s social media late Wednesday morning, attributed to “friends and family,” said that while she was riding to the State Capitol on Tuesday afternoon, she hit a curb with her bicycle after attempting to avoid being struck by a large truck.

Though Winter was wearing a helmet, she sustained head injuries and was hospitalized for observation, the statement says. She later needed surgery to relieve pressure on her brain. The surgery was successful, according to the statement, and Winter is now “recovering with a good prognosis.”

In a statement, Senate President Steve Fenberg said the Democratic caucus was “sending lots of love to Senator Winter and her family during this scary time.”

“Knowing Senator Winter, she’ll be back up on her feet in no time, and we look forward to working alongside her to move Colorado forward once she has recovered,” he wrote.

It’s unclear where the crash occurred. Winter represents Westminster and frequently commutes to the Capitol in Denver on her bike.

She was elected by fellow Democrats this month to serve as the Senate’s assistant majority leader, following a leadership shakeup prompted by the departure of former majority leader Dominick Moreno.

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