Watch This 1000-HP Audi RS7 Warp Spacetime In 200-MPH Autobahn Run

We’ve enjoyed plenty of Autobahn videos from the folks at AutoTopNL. This one stands out among them, but probably not for the reason you think. While this Audi RS7’s indicated top speed of 322 kph (200 mph) is certainly impressive, it’s the acceleration figures that blow our minds. This is one of the quickest-accelerating cars we’ve seen, and it’s not some lightweight hypercar.

This RS7 is far from stock, with 1,040 horsepower under the hood courtesy of Netherlands-based shop Brex Tuning. According to the video’s description, this car has been given an MMS Power Division kit, which includes things like new turbos, intercoolers, and an upgraded fuel system. Judging by the way this big Sportback devours the road, we have no problem believing the claimed output. The first acceleration run takes the Audi from 47 mph to 148 mph in eight seconds. That’s quicker than many cars need to reach 60 mph.

The second acceleration run is a proper full-on blast, with the RS7 launching from a dead stop. The video claims a 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) time of 2.8 seconds, and the driver keeps going until 315 kph shows on the digital speedo. That’s 196 mph, achieved in just 22.6 seconds. You’ll do a few seconds better in Bugatti Chiron, but you’ll pay upwards of $2 million for the privilege. And you won’t be able to take three friends and a week’s worth of luggage along for the ride.

With the ferocity of the acceleration, it’s clear this modded RS7 is capable of much more. We see the magic 200-mph barrier reached midway through the video, sprinting from 105 mph in approximately 18 seconds. The video claims an ultimate top speed of 350 kph, or 217 mph. With the needle still aggressively climbing at the far end of the dial for this speed run, we have no problem believing that claim, either.

If you aren’t keen on piloting a 1,000-hp Audi, a stock RS7 isn’t exactly slow. Its twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 offers 621 hp in Performance trim, and you’ll experience a similar 60-mph sprint taking roughly 3.0 seconds. Beyond that, however, this modded model will quickly fade into the distance.

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