Test drove hybrid & electric cars at BMW Driving Experience Seattle

I did not realize until I went for this event that this was not on a track but, a huge parking lot

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BMW Driving Experience- Seattle- October 28, 2023

BMW does this “sales exercise” and invites folks to register to drive their new offerings.

I did not realize until I went for this event that this was not on a track but, a huge parking lot converted into a makeshift ” Autocross Track”

Me and a Friend drove almost 100 miles and 2 hours both ways to this event and were sorely disappointed as soon as we saw it was not on a track.

We decided to go through the motions.

BMW had all its offerings on display and we were particularly enamored by the luxurious i7 (Enjoyed the experience of exploring its interiors), M4, M3, M2, etc.

Cars that were available to drive :

1. BMW 330e (Hybrid Version)

2. BMW i4 M50 (Most Powerful Version of the i4 with 540 HP)

We took 3-rounds of the track with each car with an instructor riding shotgun.

It was an underwhelming affair as he was “barking instructions” as if we were a novice and that kind of spoilt the fun and could not push the car as I would have loved to if I was driving alone.

Continuous instructions were not required as this experience was not on track. I told him, I knew how to drive so “Don’t worry, I won’t shoot off the track”.

When I was driving the i4M50, the instructor was a “Typical Texan and a bit cocky” and asked me if I have ever driven an Electric Vehicle.

I replied: I own an EV that can smoke this BMW without breaking any sweat. He gulped and kept the instructions to the minimum.

Driving Impressions:

1. The i4M50 is really nice to drive and the one to buy if ever in the market to buy a BMW Electric Sedan. But, then obviously it’s no match to a Tesla Model 3 Performance from a performance aspect.

2. 330e– Well, after driving the i4M50, this felt underpowered and was also not an electric vehicle in the true sense.

We got “M Badged” water bottles as give-away.

Post that drive experience, we visited a popular food cart nearby and enjoyed some tacos and a Mexican ” gold spot” for lunch.

Here are a few pictures from the event. Cheers to BMW !!!

My friend driving the i4 M50

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