Stop work now and listen to the Rodin FZERO’s V10

That 4.0-litre, 10,000rpm, 700kg that seemed too good to be true? Testing and development continues…

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 7 December 2023 / Loading comments

Even in a world of barmy claims and crazy numbers, the provisional stats for the Rodin FZERO were pretty wild. It would be powered by a twin-turbo, hybrid V10 that weighed just 132kg, yet would produce almost 1,200hp; it was 5.5m long yet weighed less than 700kg. And it would boast up to 4,000kg of downforce, yet also be capable of 223mph. It couldn’t possibly happen – could it?

Well, while the aim to have the FZERO on sale in 2023 looks unlikely, Rodin’s latest project remains on track. The new update features a video from the latest development drive; it’s a modest run, especially given what the FZERO must be capable of, but there’s enough to be heard of the V10’s hell-bent blare to get very excited. Plus simply being able to witness a car that looks this incredible actually on the move; those initial renders really didn’t do justice to the spectacularly skeletal design. If it’s not needed, it’s not on here.

The test session at Rodin’s own circuit comprised installation laps, a debrief and symptoms check, then running ‘throughout the remainder of the day’ – the FZERO’s first test kilometres. David Dicker, the man described as the ‘driving force behind Rodin cars’ as well as the designer of both the engine and the car, was behind the wheel. He said: “While there’s a long road ahead of testing and development, running the FZERO for the first time gives me immense pride in what everyone at Rodin Cars has achieved in bringing this programme to life. The test went very well and we were able to work through our programme. We’re excited as the FZERO project enters its next phase. It really is a car like no other.”

The plan for the FZERO is to rival the existing market of track only hypercars; the Gordon Murray T.50 Lauda, McLaren Solus GT, Ferrari 499P Modificata and so on. Competition doesn’t come any more fierce, though there’s apparently no denying the opportunity on offer. More track only, not race cars are being made because people want to buy them – and Rodin wants a slice of that action. 

Notably there is not a date on the latest press release for when the FZERO is going to be complete. As has been proven by a lot of these fiendishly complex, monstrously powerful hypercars, development will take as long as it takes – and doesn’t care much for proposed schedules. That being said, Rodin is still keen on the idea of offering the V10 as a crate motor (as well as a naturally aspirated variant), and those in the States will be able to see the engine at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis. Let’s hope to hear more (quite literally) of the FZERO in 2024.

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