River Indie Electric Scooter Review : 7 Pros & 6 Cons

What is refreshing about the Indie is how it seeks to create a niche for itself through bold styling, and versatility.

River Indie Pros

  • Very distinct styling that makes the Indie immediately stand out in a vast sea of two-wheelers
  • Lots of customization possible through accessories, making the scooter very versatile in terms of applications and user profile
  • 3 Riding Modes with varying power delivery and range allow for flexibility of use
  • Motor produces 9 BHP and 26 Nm of torque. Riding in Rush mode is tremendous fun!
  • 4 kWh battery gives the e-scooter a realistic range of ~120 km in Eco mode which is generous for bumper-to-bumper traffic
  • Ample storage space and then some more! 43 litres of under-seat storage capacity, 12 litres of glovebox space, and more on the floorboard / storage hook
  • The bike feels sturdy and easy to maneuver. Wide seat, extended front footrests and ample leg / knee room make for comfortable ergonomics

River Indie Cons

  • We expected more aggressive pricing, relative to the entrenched players. Furthermore, the pre-launch price tag of 1.25 lakhs will be increased soon
  • Missing features like phone pairing (music, calls), turn-by-turn navigation, ABS. Also, a very basic MID display
  • Fit and finish could be better. A few plastic panels and body parts feel extremely flimsy
  • Several features such as fast charging, connectivity features, and Accessories are still under development
  • With a dealer and service centre network yet to be set up, buying and servicing experience are unknown. Additionally, expect sales outside Bangalore / Karnataka only in the next fiscal year
  • This being a new product from a new company, the long-term ownership experience is unknown

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