Mini Clubman Won't Return For New Generation

Deliveries of the 2024 Mini Clubman Final Edition in the United States – a small batch of fewer than 100 units – are scheduled to begin in October this year, marking the last new Clubmans available to customers in the US. It turns out the British automaker has no plans for a next-generation of the four-door model as the firm transitions towards a more simplified and electrified lineup.

Speaking to TopGear, Stefanie Wurst, head of the Mini brand in BMW Group, confirmed the Clubman will be soon dead with no direct replacement currently in the cards. We will surely miss the quirky-looking large hatchback, though there is a solid business reason for its demise – demand.

Gallery: MINI Clubman Final Edition

“I wouldn’t say the space is filled but we will not have a Clubman,” Wurst told the publication. “The Aceman is a smaller concept but I think the five-door space, if not the six-door, is filled well by the Countryman and the Aceman. If you look at the sales numbers worldwide, the Countryman doubles the Clubman. I love the Clubman, I’m driving a Clubman at the moment. But as a big car concept, we decided to go with the new Countryman.”

The swan song for the Clubman is the Final Edition model mentioned and pictured above. It has a starting price of $47,145 (price includes the $995 destination charge) in the United States, making it some $10,000 more expensive than the Clubman 4All. Mini plans to cease taking orders for the regular Clubman in February 2024, while the pre-order process for the Final Edition will be unique. 

The Clubman was launched in 2007 as a modern successor to the British Leyland Mini Clubman built between 1969 and 1980. The second modern generation of the model arrived in 2015 and the last units are expected to be produced in the coming months. As for Mini’s updated range, it will consist of a new member – the Aceman small crossover, while the new Countryman will act as an indirect replacement for the Clubman.

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