Maintaining my Cedia: Fluids replacement, engine & interior detailing

I used the leftover car shampoo to clean the engine and truly did not spare any surface when I coated the entire engine bay.

BHPian SunnyBoi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

It was time to change the fluids in the car.

Engine oil and filter

Brake Fluid

I got righty tighty lefty loosey wrong, and ended up tightening the old oil filter instead of loosening it. Sigh. it eventually came off but I sometimes wonder what’s wrong with me.

Crush washer had never been changed in this sump plug’s life

Got some fresh copper crush washers from Maruti and filled the engine with fresh oil.

Next, calipers came off to free the seized caliper pin.

Dirty bois got cleaned in the process. I’m surprised the caliper paint has lasted so long on it

Time for a complete brake fluid flush

This is when I discovered I had an oil leak, arguably at the worst location possible. All the signs pointed to a leaky Rear Main Seal. This meant dropping the gearbox and clutch to fix it

Soon, I procured some of the parts, a genuine rear main seal and a Koyo release bearing for the clutch

But as usual, I kept putting off the change and 3 years later, the leak still exists. Adding updates in this thread has finally made me realise how long I’ve been putting off these critical updates on the car. I just paid for a clutch kit and new rear suspension this morning!

Gave the engine its first wash exactly one year after the detail. Used leftover car shampoo to clean the engine and nothing else

Every treated surface is beading strongly

Even the exhaust manifold heatsheild! Despite all the direct heat from the exhaust

More beady pics

My favourite part is where even the brake lines exhibit water beading from the ceramic coat. I truly did not spare any surface when I coated the engine bay.

Picture after drying the engine bay. Looks just like how I left it a year ago

The car then went into hibernation for around 4 months. Unfortunately, mold had made the interiors their home

Every interior part got scrubbed HARD

Let everything dry for a full 24 hours before winding the windows up

In the meanwhile, the exterior just needed a simple wash to make it look its best

Birds of a feather flock together, this time at a TBHP Meet at MG Road

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