Mahindra Thar sips more fuel than my BMW M340i

It is funny that the M340i gives a better mileage than the Thar.

BHPian robimahanta recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Thar: 26000kms

Got a radio installed with a magnetic mount antenna. Quite useful in off-road trails and convoy drives. The installation is noting great but does the job.

Usually, I keep the antenna unscrewed from the mount unless the range is an issue.

Some pictures,

The way the Thar guzzles petrol, I found it apt to use this sticker. It is funny that the M340i gives a better mileage than the Thar.

GTI: 58000kms

Did the 6th year of service at VW. Changed the lower arms as the rubber components were damaged. Did some proper suspension mount lubrication along with the basic filter and oil changes. The left rear wheel speed sensors had gone kaput, so had to replace them. Really happy with the cost and efficiency of VW service.

Routine service

The wheel speed sensor which malfunctioned

New lower arms

Strut lubrication

M340i 23000kms

Haven’t been driving much other than the short weekend drives. The car is performing flawlessly. Changed the registration plates to HSRP along with all GTI. Didn’t have the heart to drill/rivet it so have used a frame. Karnataka has extended the last date for HSRP plates till February 2024, so will take a call regarding riveting at that time.

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