Honda Motocompacto unveiled: A compact suitcase-style e-scooter

The new Honda Motocompacto is priced at US$ 995.

Honda has unveiled its new compact electric scooter called MotoCompacto. The new mini e-scooter comes with a suitcase-style design for last-mile mobility. Tipping the scale at 19 kg, the Motocompacto can easily be folded up to fit in the boot of your car.

The electric scooter when required, opens up to offer a seat, handlebar, foot pegs, side-stand and even lighting at the front and rear. Powering the Honda Motocompacto is a 6.8Ah battery pack paired with a 490-watt motor, producing 16 Nm and a top speed of 24 km/h. The battery pack can be charged to full in 3.5 hours via a 15-amp outlet and offers 19 km of range.

The new mini electric scooter draws inspiration from the brand’s original Honda Motocompo – a 49cc two-stroke engined scooter designed to fit in the boot of the 1981 City hatchback.

The modern-day Motocompacto electric scooter was developed by Honda engineers in the USA. The electric scooter was granted 32 patents during its development. The new Honda Motocompacto is priced at US$ 995.

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