Got my 2023 RE Himalayan 450: 7 quick observations post delivery

I was told that it is the first Himalayan to be delivered to a customer.

BHPian VellVector recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took delivery of the new Himalayan yesterday – was told that it is the first Himalayan to be delivered to a customer.

First impressions from my short ride of around 20 KM:

  • The fit and finish on the bike is good considering its price point.
  • Overall the bike looks great – paint, wheels, etc look good to me.
  • The digital dash is really nice – but I had a hard time figuring out the navigation and the switches seem to need multiple presses to respond.
  • The engine has good power across the initial and especially mid range of the revs.
  • Suspension is good – riding around some of the BWSSB work in progress streets was a breeze.
  • Brakes are decent but didn’t inspire complete confidence for me. May need to get used to it.
  • The foot peg position is a bit problematic – being used to a bigger adv bike my legs naturally go to the outside of the pegs. But if i keep my legs straight down the pegs bump my back of my calves. Only solution seems to be to either keep my legs outside the pegs (works if your tall enough) or put your legs behind the pegs.

I wasn’t particular on the colour and asked the owner of the dealership (who is an old friend) to pick what he felt was best. Coincidentally happened that this Himalyan I got has a very similar colour scheme to my 40th Anniversary GSA.

These are just some first impressions. Will post more after riding the bike a bit.

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