Goodwood Revival marks 75 years of the racetrack with retro cars and culture

Battling against 32-degree heat, many petrol heads were in attendance for the 2023 Goodwood Revival, a three-day celebration of culture and cars from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Whilst the Revival has taken place regularly since 1998, this year’s show was particularly special as it marked 75 years since the famous motor circuit opened in 1948.

Many famous faces in the world of motor sport were in attendance, with fans gathering as racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart was reunited with the Tyrell-Cosworth 006.

Jackie had previously used the car during the 1973 season, helping him win the Drivers’ Championship for the second time.

Plenty of special cars were also displayed at the event, including a Cooper T53 raced by Stirling Moss during the early 1960s, a one-off Bizzarrini P538S, and a selection of Land Rovers used by the Royal Family.

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Of course, plenty of visitors brought along their own retro sets of wheels, such as Ian Thompson, owner of a 1960 BMW Isetta 300, better known as the ‘bubble car’.

He explained: “It handles really well on flat pieces of road, two wheels at the front one at the back, they were built for city and town driving.

“It will do about 40 or 45mph, I get about 98mpg from my 3.5-gallon tank, I haven’t got a fuel gauge, so a bit of guess work goes on. However, if you do run out of fuel you switch the lever to the other side, and you’ve got a quarter of a gallon of spare fuel.”

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However, for those not too interested in cars, Goodwood Revival also encouraged visitors to dress up in retro clothes as part of it’s ‘Revive and Thrive’ motto.

A staple of post-war life, giving old clothes a new lease of life was encouraged at the event to improve sustainability.

Many stands at the show sold authentic clothes from the past in all conditions, with various classes on repairing and upcycling being held over the weekend.

Winning the award for the Best Dressed Lady at the event, Steph Hoy, who runs the classic car YouTube channel @idriveaclassic, highlighted that amazing outfits can come from all manner of places.

She said: “Winning Best Dressed Lady at Goodwood Revival has bene something I’ve dreamt of for years.

The competition is fierce; with ladies decked out in amazing clothes worth hundreds of pounds, so to win it wearing a crimplene 60s Ladies Pride suit with a hat from Beaulieu Autojumble was absolutely incredible!”

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