German Brand Cube Launches New Longtail Hybrid Cargo E-Bike

Electric cargo bikes have proven to be rather practical for folks living in urban areas in Europe and Asia. Well-equipped enough to replace a car on a daily basis, provided that the weather cooperates, some of the new cargo e-bikes on the market can carry all sorts of cargo – from groceries, luggage, and even passengers. One of the newest to hit the market comes from German bike company Cube.

Cube has just launched its newest model, the Longtail Hybrid. As its name suggests, it’s a heavy-duty electric cargo bike with a longtail configuration. This means that its main luggage compartment sits behind the rider, with the bike’s rear wheel extended back for a longer wheelbase providing extra stability under load. Offered in two versions, the Cube Longtail Hybrid is adaptable and easy to customize according to your needs and preferences.

The Cube Longtail Hybrid’s selling point is undoubtedly its long rear luggage rack. It can be configured to carry up to two children up to the age of three years with child seats with built-in footrests. If you’re the parent to bigger kids, a bench-style attachment with floorboards allows you to transport your kids up to the age of seven. In total, the rear rack can haul up to 40 kilograms, while an additional 10 kilograms can be mounted onto the sides of the bike. If that’s still not enough capacity for you, you can install a front luggage rack to carry an additional 20 kilograms.

In terms of technology, the electric cargo bike is powered by the fourth generation of Bosch’s high-power Performance Line CX motor. With a maximum torque rating of 85 Newton-meters, the bike is capable of climbing some steep inclines even when fully loaded. As for the battery, it’s rocking a matching Bosch PowerPack with 725 watt-hours of capacity. The battery can conveniently be removed for convenient charging. Power is sent to the rear wheel via a Gates Carbon Drive belt, and an Enviolo stepless gear hub.

The Cube Longtail Hybrid rolls on 26-inch wheels shod in Schwalbe tires, and comes to a stop with Magura hydraulic disc brakes. It doesn’t get any suspension, so it’ll be a good idea to take it easy on uneven terrain with this bike. In terms of availability and pricing, Cube offers the bike in two versions, with the standard one priced at 4,499 Euros, or approximately $4,833 USD. There’s a more affordable Sport version which does away with the Gates drive and Enviolo hub, instead featuring standard derailleur gears. This model costs 3,799 Euros, or about $4,081 USD.

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