Cardo Malaysia introduces Packtalk Custom Bluetooth motorcycle communicator with subscription service – three package tiers, from RM22.99 per month –

Now in Malaysia is the Cardo Packtalk Custom Bluetooth motorcycle communicator, priced at RM999 retail. Unique to the Packtalk Custom is Cardo’s different pay-per-feature packages for enabling different functions using a monthly or annual subscription.

There three tiers – Silver, Gold and Platinum – and subscribers can switch between packages using the Cardo smartphone app. The Silver package is priced at RM13.99 per month or RM92.99 annually, and gives music sharing with another Cardo communicator, three audio profiles and speed dial.

Moving up to Gold at RM22.99 monthly or RM139.99 per year give the rider everything in the Silver tier and adds a universal Bluetooth intercom and bridge (across brands), and a second device connection such as GPS, a TFT-LCD instrument panel or second smartphone.

At the top of the package lineup is the all inclusive Platinum package at RM32.99 per month or RM184.99 per year. Cardo Custom Platinum enables Voice Command and Eco mode, over and above the previous packages.

As a second generation Mesh communicator, the Packtalk Custom allows connection between a group of up to 15 riders at a range of up to 1.6 km. The unit is waterproof to IP67 rating and offers over-the-air updates and fast charging.

With DMC, or Dynamic Mesh Connection, range is extended to 8 km with a minimum of six Packtalk equipped riders providing Mesh connectivity. With pay-per-feature Bluetooth group connection, the Packtalk Custom gets 5 km range between four riders.

Packtalk Custom also substitutes 40 mm HD speakers instead of the JBL units found in the Packtalk Slim, Packtalk Neo Duo (RM2,749) and Packtalk Edge (RM1,699) as well as the lower range Freedom 2X and 4X. All Cardo communicators come with a two-year warranty except the Packtalk Edge which has a three-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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