Alpine A310 Four-Seater EV To Debut By 2030 As Porsche 911 Rival

Alpine, the French car maker that made a name for itself in the 1970s for building light and nimble Renault-based sports cars, is preparing an all-electric four-seat coupe that will resurrect the A310 name last used in the 1980s.

This isn’t exactly breaking news, as we’ve known about Alpine’s plans to launch a seven-strong lineup of all-electric cars by 2030, but now Autocar writes that the head honchos over at the Renault Group – Alpine’s owner – gave their blessing and confirmed the upcoming zero-emissions four-seater will remain true to the principles of lightness and agility that have come to define the French firm.

Set to be based on the same Alpine Performance Platform (APP) as the upcoming electric A110 coupe, which will debut in 2026 and rival the forthcoming electric Porsche 718 Cayman, the all-new A310 will be a bit bigger, acting as an environmentally friendly rival to the gasoline-burning Porsche 911.

Alpine A310, the render

Speaking about the new A310, Alpine design director Anthony Villain said that the final design will be finished in a year and a half, meaning we should get a better look at the electric 2+2 toward the end of 2024 or at the beginning of 2025.

Besides the resurrected A310 nameplate, the French firm is preparing to launch six additional all-electric models by 2030 as part of its reinvention program that will see Alpine reach American shores in 2027. Among the battery-powered portfolio will be the A290 Renault 5-based hot hatch, as well as a convertible version of the A110 to rival the Porsche 718 Boxster, and a couple of SUVs that will go head to head with the likes of the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Macan.

But even if we’re talking about big electric SUVs, Alpine has said in the past that they should weigh around 4,409 pounds (2,000 kilograms), all while measuring approximately 197 inches (5 meters) long. By comparison, the current internal combustion Porsche Cayenne weighs about 4,500 pounds, so if Alpine has its way, it will prove that EVs don’t have to be heavy to benefit from decent performance stats.

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Source: Autocar

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