Youtubes top earners earning millions – and not boxing sporting legends

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Being repeatedly punched in the face by a boxing legend might not sound like everyone's idea of fun, but it can certainly make you some cash.

On Sunday, YouTuber Logan Paul stepped into the ring with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and was punched 43 times in eight rounds.

He walked away with a battered face, and an estimated $20million after pocketing a guaranteed $250,000 and a ten per cent cut of the pay for view earnings.

The staggering payout is just the latest big cash injection for the Ohio YouTuber, who is worth an estimated $40million and who started posting videos online aged ten.

He really shot to fame amid controversy after he visited Japan's notorious "suicide forest" at Aokighara and found a man who had hung himself. He posted the scene online.

However, in the YouTube hall of fame top earners, Logan Paul is no heavyweight, and doesn't even make the top 20 of people raking in the cash .

YouTubers get paid a small share of the advertising money every time someone watches one of their films – with YouTube taking a whopping 45 per cent – but they really make their moolah from promoting products and getting a share of the profits.

So who are the top five biggest YouTube earners according to Insider magazine, and how do they do it?

1: In 2010 Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, 21, – better known as PewDiePie – decided to leave college where he was studying economics and instead try to earn money by being one of the first YouTubers to film himself playing video games, complete with a lot of swearing. His parents were furious and he had to get a series of odd jobs to make ends meet.

His gamble paid off.

He now has 24 million subscribers, his videos have been viewed almost four billion times and his estimated annual income is up to $9million – not bad for someone who Time magazine said "is, at the end of the day, just a guy playing video games and yelling."

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2: No-one knows who is behind BluCollection, but who would have thought you could make around $6m a year opening, assembling, playing with and then reviewing toys and Play-Doh?

Or that 1.4 billion people would have watched you do it.

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3: DisneyCollectorBR is a Brazilian woman – who is actually suspected to be married to the the man behind BluCollection – and she also films herself playing with Disney toys and talking in a soothing voice.

Parents say it is great for calming and entertaining their kids, which is why she earns around $5m a year doing it.

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4: Smosh are a comedy duo who became one of the first YouTube sensations in 2005 by posting funny videos.

They are now laughing all the way to the bank with eight different YouTube channels making them around $4.5m a year, with more than 4.5 billion people having watched their stuff.

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5: In 2009 a Swedish company released a game called Minecraft where people can create their own character and live in the Minecraft world, building, fighting and interacting with other gamers.

It certainly took off with around 140million people having played it. That means big money for Adam Dahlberg, who still earns around $3m a year from people watching old films of him playing the game despite having walked away from YouTube in 2017.

He declared he no longer liked the game, said its community had become toxic and “I don’t care how many subscribers and ******* how much money the channel gets, it’s just not ***** worth it for me anymore.”

A top tip if you want to make millions – of the top 20 earners – which includes a seven year old boy – ten are gamers (with 5 playing Minecraft), five do comedy and five are all about toys.

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