WW3 nuclear missile warning: North Korean event would ‘FORCE the terrified US’ to invade

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Rumours of the death of Kim Jong-Un in late April sparked many questions as to how the US would react if this information was verified. North Korea has since insisted their leader is alive and well despite continuous speculation regarding the dictator’s absence from the public eye. Asia politics expert and author Gordon Chang warned the US may have its hand forced into invading North Korea if civil unrest followed in the country after the death of its leader.

Mr Chang argued if nuclear weapons became divided among warring factions in North Korea following the death of Kim, the US may be forced to intervene.

He added this could cause a major conflict as China is allied with and supports the North Korean regime.

Mr Chang told Express.co.uk: “What would force our hand? If we felt the control of North Korea’s nuclear weapons was in doubt.

“That is the one thing that would get us to try to secure those nukes.”

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Mr Chang explained that the US does not have a specific leader it would be warier of, in the event of Kim Jong-un’s death.

He insisted the conflict within the country would prove to be more alarming for the US and force them to take action.

He said: “I think it is more a question of no leaders in North Korea.

“If you had rival groups each having possession of nuclear weapons, that would frighten the c**p out of the US.

“If nuclear weapons were floating around the US might be concerned that some colonel might decide to sell them to Iran, who knows.

“Those are the types of things that would get the US to do something.”

Mr Chang also explained China refuses to outline how they would behave in the event of the death of the North Korean leader.

He claimed the country is behaving coy as to avoid giving the US, its main adversary, any advantage.


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Mr Chang said: “China doesn’t want to destabilise North Korea.

“China derives great benefit from North Korea’s existence and they use it as a weapon against the US.

“They don’t want to do anything that undermines the regime and obviously talking about the possibility of its failure is something that could destabilise the Kim family.”

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