‘Worst Greggs in UK’ with ‘miserable’ staff where ‘every order is revolting’

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A Greggs outlet in Cambridge has been slammed as one of the 'worst in the UK' according to TripAdvisor customer reviews.

The Fitzroy Street sit in and takeaway café has been rated 2.5 out of five, which sees it ranking as 120 out of 135 places to get a quick bite in the city.

Among the complaints, nine people have said the outlet is "terrible", two as "poor" and another two branded the bakery beige as pastry "average".

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However, the sausage-roll provider has actually gone up in its rating after being marked down as a 1.5 out of five venue, according to a 2019 article in Cambridge News.

Among the early customer concerns at the busy Greggs were "dirty tables" and "very rude staff".

One angry reviewer blasted the sausage-roll providing unit as "the worst in Britain".

Many more were left reeling by the poor standard of customer service and general cleanliness.

None however complained about the food – more the lack of it.

Mark B wrote: "You queue for 10 minutes only to find they have nothing available.

"Everything will be ready in 20 minutes.

"Who waits that long and who is running this outfit? Must be the worst Greggs in Britain."

Cla1re9 said: "Stopped by for a mid-afternoon pick me up, the counter was over half empty, trays had mixed items on and not in front of correct labels so ordering was hit and miss.

"Eating in meant my choice of food was placed on a piece of greaseproof paper (not recyclable) straight on a little black tray, no sign of a plate so when my over filled tea was placed in the tray and slipped it ran straight onto the food.

"Tables were very close together which meant more tea slopping as you try to navigate to a table for the table to be covered in screwed up greaseproof, crumbs and takeaway cups which weren't taken away, the floor was a similar state with added spillages so you really didn't want to put any bag down."

Other reviews haven't been as scathing with five people leaving a five star review of the foodery.

Tammya653 took to the review portal to praise the trainees and the staff customer services skills in November 2021.

"They were professional and so good with their customer service skills," the review said

"I mentioned this to the manager and told them I was grateful for their service.

"Keep up the good work girls."

Greggs has been contacted for comment.

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