Worlds loneliest Orca who once lived with star from Free Willy has died

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    The world's loneliest orca has died in captivity at Marineland theme park in Canada.

    Known as Kiska, she once lived with the star of the movie Free Willy but had been completely alone since 2011.

    Phil Demers, an animal rights activist, made the claim about her isolation and said she had lived at the park for the last 12 years.

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    Social creatures, life alone for orcas is considered to be torture for them.

    She was captured in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1979 when she was only three, living the rest of her life in enclosed spaces.

    In the early years of her captivity, she lived with four other orcas in Iceland, one of which being the star of Free Willy, Keiko.

    From here, both killer whales were sold to Kiska was sold along with Keiko, to Marineland.

    But while Keiko would eventually go on to be rehabilitated and returned to the ocean, Kiko remained in captivity until her final day.

    She gave birth to four calves, all of which died young.

    They were called Athena, Hudson, Nova, Kanuck and a final one that did not live long enough to be given a name.

    Marineland said in a statement announcing the huge mammal's death: "Marineland's marine mammal care team and experts did everything possible to support Kiska’s comfort and will mourn her loss."

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    Tributes to the beloved creature have been pouring in online already.

    "Wtf Kiska died life doesn’t seem real," one account online said.

    Another posted: "No way. Kiska is gone. My condolences to the trainers of MarineLand of Canada".

    A third added: "Rest in peace Kiska, now you are free".

    Others saw her passing a time to highlight some of the controversies about intelligent social creatures living in captivity.

    One user said: "Why do we continue to enslave animals for “entertainment”? Humans are such a plague on this Earth."

    A second added: "I'm sad it ended with a death like this. Poor Kiska. But I'm relieved it's the end of this cruelty."


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