Worlds fattest boy undergoes huge transformation and is now unrecognisable

A boy once known as the world's fattest boy has transformed his life and his body and is now unrecognisable.

Arya Permana, 16, says he's now told he's "handsome" after shedding half his body weight with the help of a strict diet and rigorous workout routine designed by a celebrity trainer.

The youngster, from Indonesia, weighed a whopping 30st (190kg) when he was at his heaviest at the age of nine, and had to be washed in a pool outside his house thanks to his size.

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Now he weighs about 87kg (13.5st) – half the amount he weight at his heaviest.

Indonesian MP Dedi Mulyadi met Arya for the first time back in 2016, after his weight sent him skyrocketing to online infamy.

The politician shared photos of the teen before and after his transformation, showing him lying on a hospital bed while receiving treatment at Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung, West Java.

Another photo showed Arya in his younger days preparing to be washed by his mother after he became too large to fit in the shower – while the last two photos showed the teenager after his transformation.

Dedi captioned the photo: "On July 12, 2016, I once visited Arya Permana who is receiving medical treatment at Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung.

"Arya weighed 420 pounds at that time. Now that I read through the media, it turns out Arya's body has returned to normal like children in general.

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"The kid looks handsome in glasses and turns out he's handsome too. Keep healthy Son, a bright future awaits you. Happy Sunday to all kind netizens wherever you are."

The teen's transformation was made possible by celebrity trainer Ade Rai, who boasts more than 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Ade first started working with Arya back in 2016 and helped whip him into shape.

He told the Jakarta Post at the time: "I only support him. He likes sports. When he was still very fat he liked soccer.

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"The kind of support that I can give him is to share with his parents about the importance of keeping to a good diet and their motivation to support Arya.

"Arya is now a symbol of hope. People now say: 'Even Arya can lose weight, so why can't I?'"

Arya's transformation was helped by bariatric surgery, which made his stomach smaller and helped the boy to limit his appetite.

The teen's dad, Ade Somantri, said he thanks diet, exercise and the surgery for his son's new look.

He said: "Arya managed to lose weight through bariatric surgery, diet and regular exercise.

"For me, they are all good and supportive of each other."


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