Woman sucks up venomous snake with vacuum cleaner after husband calls for help

A panicked couple called in the experts after the wife sucked a venomous baby snake into the vacuum cleaner while doing some spring cleaning.

Drew Godfrey of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers was called out to a vacation resort in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia to relocate a venomous yellow-faced whip snake.

Drew initially received a call about the ordeal then the husband called back a few minutes later to say that his wife had hoovered the serpent up.

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"He called back quickly saying not to worry because his wife had vacuumed it up," Godfrey told Newsweek. "I explained that they are protected species and it would be cruel and illegal to leave it in there.

"They understood and were happy for us to come out."

Godfrey posted a video to Facebook showing him removing the snake from the dust-packed bag from inside the hoover.

"Just when you think you've seen it all in this job, someone calls you and says their wife has sucked a snake up with the vacuum cleaner," Godfrey wrote in his Facebook post.

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"The snake was unharmed, just a little dusty and confused. It was just happy to be free."

He released the snake into nearby wilderness. "Bet that sucked for you," he said to the snake in the video, fearing it could have died because of the conditions.

Yellow Faced Whip Snakes are a commonly encountered species throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Scenic Rim regions, and while their venom is mild, a bite can still land a victim in hospital.

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