Woman says she was ‘dehumanised’ after TikTok star bragged he’d gave her flowers

A 22-year-old TikToker has been forced into making a grovelling apology after a woman he bragged about giving flowers to said the incident made her feel 'dehumanised'.

In one of those awful viral videos that most clever people skip, Australian TikTok creator Harrison Pawluk filmed himself accosting strangers in a Melbourne shopping mall.

As with all of these videos, Pawluk had employed a gimmick and was set upon presenting an ostentatious amount of flowers to whoever was unfortunate enough to cross his path.

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Approaching an elderly woman drinking coffee alone, canny Pawluk saw an opportunity.

With all the guile and smugness of an incredibly fat cat, Pawluk approached the woman and asked her to hold his flowers for a second before he walked away.

The now-viral video has amassed over 64.1 million views and over 12 million likes.

Following the clip, proud Pawluk gushed about how 'happy' his 'random act of kindess' had made the woman.

He squealed in a video blog: "It just makes my heart feel full and happy just to give back, it's just something that's always been something that's just made me smile."

However, it now appears the woman felt anything but happy after the experience and was actually offended to be chosen for the stunt.

Speaking to ABC Melbourne, Maree warned other old ladies they could also be targeted.

She said: "At first it was just a bit of a joke to me and then I've sort of felt dehumanised.

'It really doesn't even seem like it's me now, it's just this person, it's just not really me, I don't really even take it personally anymore but I just think that other women, especially older women should be aware that if it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody.

"I suppose I am a bit offended, really, to tell you the truth.

"These artificial things are not random acts of kindness really

"It's really not about me anymore, I just think this whole idea that this is a random act of kindness is to be challenged."

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In response to Maree's criticisms, Pawluk's manager Tayor Reilly said the influencer was apologetic.

He said: "He whole-heartedly apologises to Maree if she was offended by what he did and urges her to contact him privately so he can personally apologise.

"If she requests him to take down the video he will do that.

"He would not want something designed to spread love and compassion to cause anyone concern."


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