Woman lies to Meghan Markle about picking flowers – but theyre Tesco bargain

A woman was left mortified when she lied to Meghan Markle about picking flowers from her garden – only to reveal they were a bargain bunch from Tesco.

Laura-Ann Barr is a “fan of the royals” so thought to bring along a flower bouquet to give to Meghan as a kind gesture when she was attending an engagement.

Armed with a purple and yellow array of flowers that she had bought from the supermarket giant, Laura-Ann waited patiently to give them to the mum-of-two.

But, the meeting with Meghan wasn't so straightforward.

After Laura-Ann gave the bouquet to Meghan, the royal asked if she had picked them from her garden.

In a moment of panic, Laura-Ann nodded her head and said ‘yes’ without any hesitation.

Phew, that was a close one!

Thankful for the gesture, Meghan shook Laura-Ann’s hand and said: “That’s so sweet, I love them.

“Thank you for thinking of me, that is really really kind.”

Pleased with her ‘freshly’ picked bouquet, Meghan walked away with a beaming smile.

But Laura-Ann revealed on TikTok where the flowers really came from.

She said: “That time I panicked lied to Meghan that the flowers I gave her were from my garden (they were really just from Tesco).

“They are whatever you want them to be Meghan.”

The light-hearted video has since racked up 2.4 million views and 456,000 likes.

Tickled by the supermarket flower blunder, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the situation.

One person commented: “I can’t stop laughing, no hesitation at all.”

Another user voiced: “Imagine her finding a barcode on the wrapping paper.”

A third person joked: “The lady in the background eyeing you up knowing that you were lying.”

Someone else said: “Panic-lying doesn’t count.”

As a fifth person remarked: “Yeah but why did she just assume that?”

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