Woman gives birth on driveway weeks early after being in labour for just an hour

A woman has given birth in her own driveway, after being in labour for less than one hour.

Alyson Michael, who lives in Westfield Township, Ohio, gave birth to a baby girl two weeks early, and after around an hour of being in labour.

The girl was due on October 13, but was apparently desperate to meet her parents.

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But rather than waiting to arrive in hospital, she surprised her mum and future dad John Smith as they got outside their home.

Speaking to local news outlets, she recalled: “I was like at the bedroom door and that's when I felt it and I was like, 'Call 911 and get me downstairs,' and that's when I knew we weren't making it.

“She was wanting to make an appearance, that's for sure.

“She has three brothers she has to keep up with.”

While the chaos was happening, her husband did manage to call emergency service, and four people from Westfield Fire and Rescue arrived to help.

But they were almost too late for the arrival of Clara Mae Smith.

EMT Brandy Crall explained: “We made eye contact for sure and she was like, 'I'm having this baby,'

“She was still standing, we were not able to get her in a laying down position.

“I lifted up her pyjama shirt and there was the head.”

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“As soon as I moved the cord, she landed right in my hands.

“I looked at my monitor and I was like 3:47! Time of birth!

“That was the highlight of my career – absolutely nothing tops it.”

Thankfully, Clara was born perfectly health, and she was taken alongside her mum to a nearby hospital.

She weighed less than five pounds at birth – which is expected when you're more than two weeks premature – but is due to have a check-up in a few days time.

Westfield Fire Chief Brian Cavanaugh praised his team after the event.

He said: “I am very proud of these four individuals.

“In this profession, firefighters and EMTs do not often get the opportunity to see such positive outcomes on their calls.”

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