Woman dies after botched tummy tuck as unqualified nurse is struck off

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    A 'very joyful young woman' passed away after a botched tummy tuck carried out by an unqualified nurse in Brazil, as police launch an investigation.

    The hospital director and others on duty at the time of the op have already given statements to authorities, claiming that they did not know the nurse was performing the op.

    The nurse, who is reportedly facing two other legal cases, is expected to be questioned in the coming days as the victim's family say 'he has to pay'.

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    Victim Erinalva de Jesus Dias, a beautician, had told her family she was going in to get one of her fallopian tubes removed at the municipal hospital in Lago dos Rodrigues, Maranhao State, on May 31.

    During the op, Erinalva reportedly fell ill and was taken to Dr Laura Vasconcelos Regional Hospital in Bacabal about 50 miles away.

    The doctor who saw her in the second hospital realised she had actually had an tummy tuck and not a salpingectomy, or fallopian tube excision.

    The nurse, whose name is withheld, has since had his contract with the hospital terminated, according to reports.

    Erinalva's devastated mum, Carmelita de Jesus da Silva, told local media: "I won't accept this until we see justice, because I want justice.

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    "My daughter didn't harm anyone, my daughter was a very joyful young woman.

    "He has to pay. So that it doesn't happen to any other family, so that it doesn't destroy any other family."

    The police now want to know how the nurse had access to the hospital's surgery ward when he was off duty.

    Police chief Marcio Rodrigo Coutinho told local media: "It's no use for the hospital administration to claim that they were not aware of the incident.

    "The fact is that it happened at the hospital in the city of Lago dos Rodrigues.

    "There is an organisation there, and no one enters without proper authorisation. The hospital bears full responsibility."

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