Woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann questioned about cruel hoax by Dr Phil

The young woman who claims she could be missing Brit child Madeleine McCann will be questioned by Dr Phil on whether her claims are part of a "cruel hoax".

Julia Wendell, 21, is currently waiting for the results of three DNA samples and a genetic test after she sensationally claimed she believed she might be Madeleine, who went missing during a family holiday to Portugal in 2007.

Dr Fia Johansson, a private investigator who is currently helping the Polish national learn her true identity, revealed last week that she would appear on the American talk show.

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And now, the promo on the Dr Phil website has given more insight into the episode, that will air on March 27.

“In an exclusive interview, Wendell reveals what else she discovered that made her believe she is the girl who vanished in 2007 at 3 years old,” it reads.

“However, Wendell’s parents in Poland insist she is their biological child and deny she was kidnapped.

“McCann, who would be 19 years old now, was abducted in 2007 while on vacation with her family in Portugal and is presumed dead.

“Has McCann finally been found? Or, is this a cruel hoax?”

Dr Johansson, sharing the news on Instagram last week, wrote: "I’m very happy for Julia getting a platform to courageously speak up, shedding light on her violent and abusive past and hopefully bringing her closer to justice!"

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And on her story, she shared a preview clip of the show with no sound that aired in Canada, sent to her by a family member.

In the clip, Julia says: "I believe that I am Madeleine McCann. We are waiting for results."

And that seems to be the latest in her case. In a previous Instagram Live – which went on for around 40 minutes – Dr Johansson appeared certain that she will be able to use the DNA test results to see if she is actually the daughter of Gerry and Kate McCann.

She said: “A lot of you ask why Kate and Gerry (are not involved). There is no need – Madeleine McCann's DNA is already there. They don't need to get involved with media press.

“When the the DNA test coming, which I am really badly waiting for and checking every day the status of it, we will match with a DNA test of (Madeleine) McCann.

“[She could also match] anyone else out there that looking for their kid that may [be] missing at that time.”

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